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Slide Secure, Modern and Scalable Identity Experiences. Secure, trusted digital identities remain a challenge due to problems that plague legacy identity and authentication point solutions. Today’s secure identity and authentication services require a complicated tangle of poorly integrated software and API services that impedes agility, costs a lot to operate and make adaptive identity experiences an elusive goal. Until now. Singular Key is redefining end-to-end identity security management and enable continuously adaptive identity workflows. No-Code Identity Orchestration

Omni-channel Support

Provide the agility to support different cross-channel authentication every time users connect to, engage with, or conduct transactions from anywhere.

Web Browser

Call Center



Chat Bot


No-code Identity Security Orchestration

If you can define it, we can deploy it.

Orchestrate a Unique, Seamless, Passwordless Flow for Customer Identification in line with your business priorities. Continuously optimize cost, performance, and experience while mitigating the risk of fraud.


Singular Key’s Orchestration Platform helps you design the customer onboarding and authentication experience that is right for you.

Automated Identity Integration Hub.

Singular Key identity security orchestration platform automates 3rd party integration for existing and future identity, authentication, and fraud tools across multiple applications into a unified identity fabric.

• Singular API to be deployed only once on relying party apps with agility to adapt identity security workflows without any dependency on DevOps or custom integration.


• Out-of-the-box support for multiple IAM providers, custom databases, 3rd party fraud, risk, identity attributes, authenticator, and other data providers.


• Automated 3rd party API integration, monitoring, management to shift focus on business outcomes from integration, deployment, and risk of vendor lock-ins.


• Add, remove or hot-swap providers for business continuity, lowering licensing costs, or improved performance.