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Looking for a password free FIDO authentication service provider for your firm? Consult Singular Key for reliable cloud based authentication solutions!
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Enjoy a Password Free Browsing Experience with FIDO and WebAuthN

While 2-factor authentication has been used as a standard login procedure in the past, FIDO and World Wide Consortium (W3C) WebAuthN standards are paving the way for modern password free browsing. Developed with the collaboration of technological giants like Google and Microsoft, this open standard delivers an authentication experience that is relatively easier and more secure than conventional 2FA authentication solutions. As a reliable multi factor authentication service provider, Singular Keyenable you to offer your customers flexibility to use modern authenticators, like Windows Hello, Biometrics or Security Keys for frictionless connections, engagements and transactions over the internet. With a few code adjustments on your application’s login page and Singular Key’s FIDO certified Authentication Service, you can enable strong authentication to improve security and overall user experience.


Frictionless and High Assurance Strong Authentication.

Security and convenience are no longer a trade-off.


Singular Key harnesses the power hardware-grade (HSM) security and biometrics available on today’s devices to create strong, password free authentication solutions for enterprises; Our multi factor authentication service minimizes the possibility of scalable phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks attributed to 80% of cyber security breaches.


By combining the power of open security standards like FIDO, Web AuthN, public-key cryptography, and modern authenticators Singular Key delivers security and convenience.

Singular Key Difference.

Deliver modern authentication experience to your customers, partners, and employees on any application and device.


Get frictionless access from devices users have and authenticators they love without the risk and pain of passwords, SMS and tokens.  With rigorous interoperability test you get the peace of mind to work with any Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android device and support for modern authenticators like Windows Hello, Fingerprint, TouchID.



Zero-trust starts with trust in the users and devices accessing applications and data from anywhere. Singular Key provides high assurance strong authentication with reliable and frictionless access.



Deliver remarkable user experience across web, mobile, and all other channels. Accelerate digital transformation with future-proof authentication strategy provides agility to support different customer journeys and experience everytime they connect, engage and transact.


Mitigate regulatory and data breach risk of harvesting device data or storing biometrics. With Singular Key, your user’s PII like biometrics always stay with them and never leave the device. Comply with emerging regulations and guidelines like GDPR, NIST, PSD2, 3DSecure, etc with decentralized authentication.

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